The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

By Dr. Joseph Sachs
December 11, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Teeth Whitening BenefitsWho wouldn't want a bright, white smile? For many adults, however, teeth become dull, even dingy, as accumulated stains rob smiles of their youthful brilliance. At Dr. Sachs & Associates in Chelsea, New York, Dr. Joseph Sachs and Dr. Robert Cruz deliver white smiles with professional Zoom! Whitening and state of the art laser whitening. These services can change your dental aesthetics and improve your self-image, too.

The benefits of professional teeth whitening

In New York and across the country, people of all ages want to look and feel their best. How their smiles appear to those around them impact their confidence and the impressions they create. When a smile is stained by tobacco, coffee, dark foods, or just simple aging, patients need the best possible cosmetic treatment to rectify the issue.

Fortunately, Dr. Sachs and Dr. Cruz understand their patients' needs and goals. Through careful oral examination, they can tell someone if professional in-office whitening or a comparable at-home version would produce the results they desire.

Many patients have tried store-bought whitening toothpastes, strips, and rinses. The results can be less than satisfactory, and without professional supervision, people find their teeth and gums become very sensitive from the products themselves.

Not so with Zoom! Whitening and laser whitening services offered by at our office. Zoom! processes use specially formulated hydrogen peroxide gel and an acceleration light to brighten teeth by eight shades right in the office. At home, Zoom! patients use customized trays to apply the gel over several days producing similar stellar results. And, with your dentist watching over your oral health, you know whitening will be safe and effective.

Additionally, Dr. Sachs & Associates offer safe laser whitening. Done in the office, laser whitening removes deep stains without the threat of dental or gingival (gum) sensitivity. Dr. Sachs or Dr. Cruz will tell you what type of whitening method is right for your oral health needs and smile goals.

Keeping a bright smile

It's easier than you think:

  • Limit dark foods and beverages
  • Stay well hydrated
  • Brush twice a day and floss daily as the American Dental Association recommends
  • Stop tobacco usage altogether (ask your primary care physician for help quitting)
  • Come to Dr. Sachs & Associates twice a year for hygienic cleanings, exams, and whitening touch-ups

Smile, won't you?

You can do it with confidence when you have your teeth professionally whitened with Dr. Sachs & Associate. Please call our Chelsea, New York office to arrange a cosmetic dentistry consultation and learn all about this safe, quick, and economical treatment. Phone (212) 929-7718.